Main causes of hair loss

Main causes of hair loss
Prescription loss walstrom, after scratching, remarking on his tuft of hair comb, no need to start panicking. Because hair loss is a natural process. Per day the average person loses 50 to 125 hairs, and in their place new grow. This is one of the natural renewal processes of our body.
But if you notice that the intensity of hair loss has increased significantly, this process need to pay attention.The cause of hair loss can be different factors, the main ones:
Stress is a very strong psychological experiences, can cause hair loss;
Hormone imbalance is a common cause of hair loss in women. Hormonal levels can change during pregnancy and lactation, menopause, use of oral contraceptives;
Diet is strict and poorly balanced diet can cause a lack of vitamins in the body. As a result, can greatly increase the intensity of hair loss;
External factors – blow-drying, perming, coloring, sudden changes in temperature. Do not use daily Hairdryer, Curling, Ironing;
Medications – some medications have side effects such as an increase in the intensity of hair loss.Prescription loss volocity to determine fall out you hair or is it natural renewal process, conduct a little test. Do not wash your hair for several days. Then on top, take a bunch of hair and strong pull. Repeat this step several times. If your hands each time there were more than 5-7 hairs, then you have a problem with hair loss and it is necessary to apply measures for their rehabilitation and strengthening.