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The Aircraft Mechanic’s Job Description Plus Tips on How to Find One An aircraft mechanic is one of the most specialized jobs out there and in order to become one, there’s need to possess a bunch of skills that no else possesses. This job, which by way is also referred to as aviation maintenance expert or aircraft service technician, is paid handsomely and that’s primarily because only a handful are in this profession and the job in itself is very challenging and complex. The primary job of the aircraft mechanic, generally speaking, includes that of repairing/fixing and performing scheduled maintenance on certain aircraft like that of helicopters and airplanes. Other than repair and maintenance, another important job that this expert needs to perform is inspection of airplanes as well as helicopters as mandated by a certain federal government agency. A more specific job description includes the examination and inspection of aircraft components, parts, and frames for signs of defects. Since they’ve undergone training in the most extensive manner, they are expected to be more than capable in diagnosing both mechanical and electrical problems. Other things aircraft mechanics are expected to perform include that of reading maintenance manuals for mastering methods of repair, measuring parts for signs of wear, repairing broken components, and testing new aircraft parts. And because airplanes and other kinds of aircraft are becoming a lot more advanced, complex, and sophisticated, it is imperative that the people who are tasked to fix and maintain them will need to constantly educate and update themselves of the latest innovations in manufacturing and building these things.
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Additionally, there are aircraft mechanics who made a point to undergo added training to be able to fix and maintain other types of aircraft such as that of jets and propeller-drive planes.
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And when you’re the one given the responsibility to find and hire an aircraft mechanic, you need to recognize the importance of doing extensive research on your prospects right before making the choice. First things first, you need to make sure the mechanic has an FAA certification, most preferably for airframe and power plant. You also would want to give emphasis to professional affiliation. For example, it’s good news if the mechanic you’re planning to hire is an existing member of the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association (PAMA). The organization came to existence for the purpose of promoting professional and ethical practices among its members in the aviation maintenance field. Once you have a name or two, you have to at least make a single visit to their shops or facilities. For an aircraft mechanic to be called great, he needs to be not just possessing the expertise and skills, but also the aptitude for maintaining cleanliness and order in his shop. Finally, if you are having serious problems getting names, the best way to come up with prospects is to call and talk to aircraft owners and pilots since they’re the ones who are always in contact with mechanics.